Sea battle points calculator

The following tool can be used to calculate total ocean overlord points, based on characters sea stats. Please note the game calculates points based on maximum values, not current ones.


Ship level:
Maneuverability level:
Military Equipment level:
Structure level:
Sailor Amount:
Sail Durability:
Hull Durability:
Loading Capacity:
Square Sail Power
Fore-and-Aft Sail Power:
Oar Power:
Turning Speed:
Cannon Amount:
Cannon Hit Rate:
Ship Dodge Rate:
Cannon Attack Rating:
Cannon Defense:
Sailor Damage
Sailor Defense

Correction factor

Correction factor is used to correct the ocean overlord points calculation. Due to a bug, any Turning Speed added trough the Honored Officer rank system will not count towards your total amount of points. Please enter the amount of Turning Speed purchased trough Honored Officer Rank.

Rank Turning Speed:


Total sea points:

Please note, this calculator is still in ALPHA version 0.5. It may produce inaccurate results. The formula used in this calculator may not be completely accurate. Read more about it here.