Relationship between sea stats and points


The goal of this research is to find the relationship between sea stats and sea battle points on Ocean Overlord list. From previous research, its known that some sea stats add towards the total amount of sea battle points, while other sea stats do not. The relationship between which stats add points and how much points they exactly add has not been shown previously.


Current points on Ocean Overlord list are updated every time player logs into the game. They are calculated using players stats during the login. Logging in without sea gear equipped will drastically reduce players points on the list.

It is possible to exploit that fact to figure out the relationship between stats and points. For example, one can login, write his points down, unequip one item with one sea stat, relog and write down his points again. Subtracting those two values that were wrote down, its possible to figure out how much points was lost. Its then possible to take that value and divide it with the amount of sea stats that were lost and the result will show how much points that particular stat gives.

All other stats can be tested in a similar way. It is important to note that the game takes maximum amount of Hull Durability, Sail Durability, Sailor Amount and Cannon Amount. Additionally, some stats are decimal numbers, even though they are shown as whole numbers. The game will actually use the decimal numbers to calculate the score, so its important to use them in these calculations. Those values can be gotten by hovering mouse over the specified stat until tooltip pops up.


Trough the research, several breakthroughs were had.

Only maximum stat values are used

First breakthrough came from the realization that sea uses maximum stat values during points calculation, unlike land which uses current values. This means that regardless if a player relogs with half Hull Durability or full Hull Durability, his points will not change. The game will always calculate the points as if player had full Hull Durability. Same thing applies for Sail Durability, Sailor Amount and Cannon Amount.

This can easily be verified in game by reloging once with full sailors and then dismissing most of them and reloging the second time. Between the relogs, points on ocean overlord list should stay the same.

Turning speed from Honored Officer rank doesn't give points

Second breakthrough came from the realization that any turning speed added trough the Honored Officer rank system will add towards characters total stats, but will not add any extra points on ocean overlord list.

This can easily be verified by reloging and checking points, then adding +1 Turning Speed trough the rank interface, then reloging and checking points again. The points on ocean overlord list should stay the same, which proves the +1 Turning Speed didn't add any extra points.

Some stats are decimal numbers

Third breakthrough came from the realization that some stats are decimal numbers even though they are shown as whole numbers. Specifically, Square Sail Power, Fore-and-aft Sail Power, Oar Power and Turning Speed. Hovering over those stats in game, a small tooltip pops out, showing the value as a decimal number. In order to do an accurate calculation, they need to be used.

Cannon amount is always shown as an even number, but it can be an odd number

Fourth breakthrough came from the realization that Cannon Amount is shown as an even number on the stats list, but can be an odd number. Trough ship retrofitting, its possible to get an Inboard Gun Platform with odd number of cannons. In case the player has odd number of cannons, Cannon Amount will round down to the nearest even number. Additionally, player will never be able to use that one cannon. Cannon Amount will be shown as an even number in stats list, but the game will actually use the full number during ocean overlords points calculation.

Stat - point relationship

The relationship between sea stats and points can easily be displayed with a table, as shown below.

Stat Points
Ship level Level 1 - 1800 points
Every consequent level - 2000 points
Maneuverability level 100 points
Military equipment level 100 points
Structure level 100 points
Structure level 100 points
Hull durability 0.1 point
Sail durability 0.1 point
Sailor amount 10 points
Loading capacity 2 points
Square sail power 60 points
Fore-and-aft sail power 100 points
Oar power 200 points
Turning speed 400 points
Cannon amount 50 points
Cannon hit rate 200 points
Ship dodge rate 200 points
Cannon attacking 200 points
Cannon defense 200 points
Sailor damage 20000 points
Sailor defense 20000 points
Ramming Force 0 points
Ramming damage decreased 0 points
Artillery Damage 0 points
Artillery Defense 0 points
Cannon Operation 0 points
Hull Operation 0 points
Mine Damage 0 points
Mine Defense 0 points

Table 1. Relationship between sea stats and ocean overlord points.


From the table 1, a formula can be extrapolated, which calculates total amount of ocean overlord points.

\(\begin{align*} Points\ &=\ 2000 \cdot Ship\ Level\ -\ 200\\ &+\ 100 \cdot Maneuverability\ Level\\ &+\ 100 \cdot Military\ Level\\ &+\ 100 \cdot Structure\ Level\\ &+\ 1 \cdot Hull\ Durability/10\\ &+\ 1 \cdot Sail\ Durability/10\\ &+\ 10 \cdot Sailor\ Amount\\ &+\ 2 \cdot Loading\ Capacity\\ &+\ 60 \cdot Square\ Sail\ Power\\ &+\ 100 \cdot Fore\ and\ aft\ Sail\ Power\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Oar\ Power\\ &+\ 400 \cdot Turning\ Speed\\ &+\ 50 \cdot Cannon\ Amount\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Cannon\ Hit\ Rate\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Ship\ Dodge\ Rate\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Cannon\ Attack\ Rating\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Cannon\ Defense\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Sailor\ Damage\\ &+\ 200 \cdot Sailor\ Defense \end{align*}\)

Future research

There are still some unresolved issues. Some calculations are off by 1 to 2 points. It appears that this is happening exclusively to characters with odd amount of cannons, a connection might exist, but its also possible that our sample size were too small. Additionally, its possible there's a rounding error somewhere in the formula.

Data beneficial for future research

Character: Cindis
Calculated points: 295 752.8
Game points: 295 751

Cindis' stats

Figure 1. Cindis' stats.

Character: Treymor
Calculated points: 397 047.1
Game points: 397 045

Treymors stats

Figure 2. Treymor's stats.


The relationship between sea stats and ocean overlord points has been shown. There are many sea stats which do not add any points for the time being. Formula for calculating sea points has been derived, although it has not been 100% accurate. There appears to be some issue with players that have odd number of cannons on ship. For some reason, the formula is off by 1 to 2 points from game calculation. A future research on this topic has been suggested.

Based on this research, a sea battle points calculator has been published. It can be found here.

Notable researchers

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