Material exchange calculator

The following tool can be used to calculate amount of materials required to craft various ingots and cloths, as well as calculate amount of passports and planting cards required to collect them.


Bronze Ingot icon Bronze Ingot:
Steel Ingot icon Steel Ingot:
Damascene Steel Ingot icon Damascene Steel Ingot:
Malayan Iron Ingot icon Malayan Iron Ingot:
Japanese Iron Ingot icon Japanese Iron Ingot:
Floral Gilt Steel Ingot icon Floral Gilt Steel Iron Ingot:
Lunar Ingot icon Lunar Ingot:

Teak Timber icon Teak Timber:
Oak Timber icon Oak Timber:

Fine Cotton Cloth icon Fine Cotton Cloth:
Watered Gauze icon Watered Gauze:
Huzhou Silk icon Huzhou Silk:


Fine Copper Ore icon Fine Copper Ore:
Tin Ore icon Tin Ore:
Fine Iron Ore icon Fine Iron Ore:
Tungsten icon Tungsten:
Nickel Ore icon Nickel Ore:
Coal icon Coal:

Charcoal icon Charcoal:
Teak icon Teak:
Oak icon Oak:

Thin Soft Cotton icon Thin Soft Cotton:
Thick Soft Cotton icon Thick Soft Cotton:

Silver Coin icon Silver Coin:
Gold Ingot icon Gold Ingot:

Mine Cave Passport icon 168h mining passports required:
Forestry Centre Passport icon 168h forestry passports required:
Planting Card icon Planting cards required:

Please note that this calculator is still in BETA version 1.1. It may produce inaccurate results.