Invisible sails fix

Since the client version 0.112, there's a weird issue present with ship sails where they appear to be invisible in offshore scenes, as shown on the image below. This is a huge issue in instances like English Channel, in which players need to know the color of the ship sails in order to decide whether they should sink them or not.

Ship with invisible sails

After some research, we found out the cause for this problem is a missing dynamic link library called Rigging.dll. It appears the library is dedicated to rendering sail physics. The file should be located in ..\Voyage Century Online\voyage\dll folder. Why is this file excluded from the latest client versions is unknown for the time being.

We dug out the file from an older client version and after some testing, it appears to be working without any problems.

We made a small patch to solve this issue. By installing, the patch will add the missing library to the dedicated folder.

How to install

Windows 7/8/10 installation guide

  1. Before proceeding, make sure the game is closed, otherwise you might receive various errors when trying to install.
  2. Download the .zip file from Google Drive link found in this post.
  3. Right click on the .zip file, click on Open with and then on Windows Explorer.
  4. Once a new window opens, click on Extract all files button which is located at the top.
  5. A new window will open that will ask you where do you want to extract these files. Click on Browse and locate your Voyage Century Online folder. After you locate the folder, click OK.
  6. Uncheck the Show extracted files when complete button.
  7. Click Extract button.
  8. A new window will open, telling you destination already contains a folder with the same name and asks if you want to replace it. Choose Yes or Copy and Replace as many times as it prompts you. Please note that if it doesn't prompt you, then you most likely got the step number 5 wrong!



Do not download this fix from any other sources except for the ones listed in this post!

This mod has been tested and is compatible with the game version 0.137. If you have a newer version, please do not install this mod as it may break your game! We are not responsible for any damage caused by your failure to understand these terms.